Welcome to SF Street Smarts!

Have you ever run a red light, jaywalked, or sped through a school zone? Most of us have but were lucky if we didn’t cause an accident or injury to someone else because of it.

SF Street Smarts is a traffic safety education program that reaches out to drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists to build awareness about traffic safety and our personal responsibilities while navigating the streets of San Francisco. Street Smarts is designed to make our streets safer and friendlier and reduce the number of traffic-related incidents in our community.

SF Street Smarts targets the following behaviors:

        1. Speeding.
        2. Running red traffic signals & rolling through stop signs.
        3. Crosswalk safety.
        4. Distracted driving - especially while using mobile devices.
        5. Bicyclist safety and compliance with the rules of the road.

SF Street Smarts Pilot Campaign

The one year pilot program (began Spring 2014) consists of three elements: an Outdoor Media Campaign, educational materials for the schools and community, SFPD enforcement zones and media outreach. The SFPD Richmond District (see map) will be the location for the pilot program.